Welcome to Utah 12-step Information Network

Utah12Step follows the 12-traditions of the various 12-step programs.

Tradition two, “our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.” We exist solely to serve the programs and groups listed here.

Tradition three paraphrased, “you are a member when you say you are…”, the only requirement to belong to UTIN is to be a 12-step program, and that your group/program chooses to belong.

Tradition four, relating to “group conscience.” UTIN exists solely based on the decisions of the programs, groups and members of the various programs listed here. UTIN is not the authority.

Tradition five, “our primary purpose is to carry the message…” We exist primarily to help folks who are looking to be better able to locate a 12-step program meeting that best fits their needs.

Tradition six, each of the programs listed here are totally separate entities. There is neither endorsement nor financial support of any the programs listed towards any other program. The various programs collaborate with each other in order to develop a network to serve them.

It is recommended that you “attend several meetings, and then decide if it is for you.” It is solely up to you to choose which program and/or meetings listed here best serve your needs.

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